Deepwater's Restless Dead


-busy abnormally
-some guy name? Telling everyone how bad ass baristin the bold is.
Killed “100” skeletons
Works foe lord demoy
Says harkorts and coltorts are responsible for the undead

Something about Harmon hammerfist

Talk to capt from ship, get700gp

Jedda char gets asked to clear a house of… Slow zombies

Raven gets caught stealing

Go to the house to clear it

Some crazy dwarf inciting a riot, Kali and jefe char tell the smarter ones to get trig before taking on the vampires located in castle

Get to. Cellar zombies are fast and have a bondage thing. We kill them there is a black fog coming out of the barricaded door in back of room

Kalis char touches her staff to the door and it falls down and we see what appears to be a necromancers table.



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