Deepwater's Restless Dead

The Reinforcements

The group spends half the morning translating the bigger book and find out that it is a ritual to summon a demon to assassinate someone. There are four signatures at the back of the book Grendhel Harcourt, Jacinda Calleville, Petyr Foussard, and Arvind Mantel.

Half way through the translating process Raven and Neargrim get bored and decide to go out and search for more information. They discover that Lady Calleville had a large shipment of wood and stone shipped in before the undead menace started. The shipment was to be taken to her mansion in the sea ward.

While out Neargrim notices Janell Harcourt, his werewolf infatuation, and starts to pursue her. Raven follows hidden behind him. They chase her into an ally way and discover a sewer entrance in the ally. At that time a group of mercenaries come around the corner and spot Neargrim and question him about where Janell went. He pretends to be a street cleaner and states that he has not seen any body.

They head back to the inn to get the rest of the group. The group arrives and descends into the sewer and discovers the mercenaries beating up on Janell and a bunch of wererats. They come to her rescue but barely succeed in saving her thanks to Raven giving her healing ghost fish.



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