Deepwater's Restless Dead

The Client

The night before, we were attacked by a group of Shadow creatures, one for each of us in our own rooms. (Maybe we should try and get a room to share so we have a better chance of fending off any future attacks). As the last one dissipated it mentioned Vrokor.

Some of the party members remember hearing or reading about Vrokor. Mothers use his name to scare children into behaving. Legends say that he is a necromancer from a long long time ago. He should have died a long time ago. He used to live in a tower near Deepwater Castle.

Deepwater Castle is said to be home to a Vampire Lord. Also the known Lycanthropes are said to live in the Cliffside District.

When we came down the stairs in the morning a regular at the Tavern named Kreagur was bragging about how his Cousin Beriston the Bold, a security guard for Lord de Moy, slew one hundred undead.

We also over hear that the ship Maiden’s Kiss was under attack by undead but was saved by a band of wererats who took some mundane items as payment for the rescue. The Maiden’s Kiss conscripted a new crew and set sail the next morning.

The group heads over to a table where the captain of the ship they saved is sitting and begins to discuss payment for their services. The captain hands the group a sack of coins which is quickly spirited away by the thief.

The Pest control specialist, Eyore, is approached by a young boy and asked to follow him to his benefactor’s house to vanquish some zombies that are infesting his basement. The boy says that his benefactor will double Eyore’s normal rate. Eyore agrees to help if the benefactor will triple his normal rate with the understanding that if it is not what the benefactor says is in his basement then there will be more compensation.

The group heads out to the client’s house and on the way they meet a Rabble Rouser named Harkan Hammerfast who is trying to raise an army to attack Deepwater Castle. Eyore and the Holy Beggar, Ahisma, try and convince the group to get organized and train before heading off to attack the castle. Ahisma attempts to convince a local farmer that he is the chosen one.

When we arrive at the client’s house he is upset with the boy for agreeing to triple Eyore’s price but shows the party to his basement anyhow. The group heads to the basement where they are attacked not by zombies but by fast moving strangling ghouls. After dispatching the Ghouls the Band finds a door at the back of the basement with black fog billowing out from under it. The door is opened and the group finds a dark alter behind it.



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