Deepwater's Restless Dead

The Crypt

The band heads over to the Harcourt Crypt to follow up on Ophelia’s fortune hint to go to the oldest crypt and see who is there that is not in the genealogy book. They discover that the crypt entrance is trapped with a dual key block drop trap. Raven and Bliss pick the locks and discover another lock inside the previous picked locks that requires them to turn the tumbler mechanism at the same time. They succeed at picking the last lock simultaneously but cannot open the door and do not want to risk letting go of the mechanism so Neargrim and Fletcher step forward and open the doors.

Inside the Crypt, in the center of the room is a pool and on each wall, set in evenly spaced alcoves, there are four different Statues on each side. On the wall, on the entrance side of each alcove, is a closed door. The room is unlit so Neargrim and Fletcher light torches. Neargrim throws his torch into the room next to the pool but in front of one of the statues. He then goes to pick it up and is scorched by a stream of flame coming out of the statue.

Fletcher runs forward and jumps into the pool which is filled with a thick fluid, not water. He then dips his torch close to the liquid to see if it is flammable while still in the pool and is fortunate that it is not. He then decides it will be difficult to move through the liquid and decides to climb back out of the pool.

Raven heads over to the statue close by Neargrim and starts to tamper with the statue and thinks that he disables the trap by jamming a torch into the statues mouth, where the flame stream originated from. He then tests his disarming attempt by moving forward to the next door next to the next statue.

Bliss decides to try the statues on the other side of the room but stumbles and sets of the trap by accident. Luckily her stumble keeps her from getting burned.

About this time flaming arrows come out of the darkness but they miss Fletcher and Neargrim.

Girmidin and Bherik then enter the crypt and head to what little cover there is. Bherik attempts to help put out the fire that is burning Neargrim but does not have any luck and throws a javelin blindly into a corner of the room hoping to stop the arrows from flying. Lucky is hanging out in front of the doors which close almost catching his tail in them.

Bliss then decides to run over to the next statue door on the side that Raven had disabled the statue of and open it. Inside is a room with a sarcophagus in it and a panel on the wall of the statue alcove. She throws open the panel door and attempts to jam the trap mechanism. She then changes her appearance to look like a ghost of the Statue in the alcove.

Another set of flaming arrows come out of the darkness and some miss Fletcher but a couple hit Neargrim who is still on fire. Neargrim then tests the statue trap that bliss disarmed by running in front of it but it was not properly disarmed. He takes another hit from the flame stream but moves on and stops in front of the door before the third statue on the left side of the pool. He then throws his torch but fumbles and the torch only flies a couple of feet. The distance the torch travels is enough to reveal four skeletons with bows lined up against the far wall.

Raven jams a dagger into the trap mechanism that Bliss failed to disarm and tests the trap again by running up to the next statue. The flame does not activate. At the next statue he decides to jam a cloth into this statues mouth and hide in the alcove with the statue.

Fletcher attempts to cross over to the side everyone else is on by moving along the edge of the pool but his foot slips and he falls into the pool. He then attempts to climb out of the pool but splashes back into the pool again.

Girmidon then moves forward and stands defensively next to Neargrim. Bherik moves up behind Neargrim and tells him, “Stop complaining about your burnt shirt. You can replace the shirt but cannot replace lost life and get back into the fight.” Lucky moves up and stands behind Girmidon.

Bliss moves up to the last statue on the left side of the pool, not setting off the third statue trap, and jams a dagger into the throat of the statue cutting the fuel line before the fuel can be ignited and shot out of the statue. She then steps forward appearing like a ghost of the second statue and commands the now revealed skeletons to stop attacking his guests.

Raven charges forward and attacks the skeleton in the corner and chips away at its bone structure. Lucky moves forward and chomps at the same skeleton just dodging its neighbor’s wild swing. Neargrim still hurting from the fire psyches himself up as he moves forward and attacks the second skeleton and hews the third skeleton and finally puts the fire out.

Fletcher wades through the pool to the side everyone else is on and pulls himself out of the thick liquid and charges the first skeleton hitting it and destroying the enchantment that animated it. While Bliss slips in between the second and third skeletons ducking the second skeletons attack. The second skeleton drops his guard enough with the missed attack for Neargrim to strike again with his great axe chipping some ribs loose. Bliss attacks the second skeleton while it is distracted by Lucky and breaks away its left arm.

Grimidon then charges the second skeleton and clobbers it dispelling the enchantment that gave it life, and creates a Rune in the air in front of Neargrim which closes up some of his wounds and hardens the group’s skin for a short time. Bherik moves up next to the third skeleton and lets his guard down by telling Neargrim to attack the skeleton again but the skeleton does not take the bait and dodges Neargrim’s swing.

Neargrim then swings again at the third skeleton and knocks its left arm off. The remaining skeletons then recover from Bliss’s command and attack back. Both of them miss with their attacks.

Raven then slips between the third and fourth skeleton and attacks the third skeleton and breaks its back bone, disenchanting it. Lucky moves next to the last skeleton and bites at it and breaks off some of its fingers. Fletcher then challenges the skeleton to face him or be destroyed and charges in and breaks a couple of its ribs. Bliss then slips in to a flanking position with Raven and snaps its back bone disenchanting it.

The group then takes some time to disable all the traps and search all the sarcophagi and pick up all their gear before heading through the doors at the rear of the room and down the stairs to the second floor. (All the treasure and information is yet to be discussed with the group.)

The second floor doors open into a square room with two sarcophagi in the middle of the room with an equal distance between them. There is a set of double doors in the back of the room and a lever mechanism on the floor to its right. Floating about the room are four grave motes, light blue balls of light. Bliss gets the drop on them and stabs one of them. The grave mote does not like this and bursts out a cold cloud aura that attaches itself to Neargrim and Bliss. The Mote that was damaged then moves towards bliss and disappears. The other three then move towards Neargrim and Bliss and disappear as well.

After the Motes disappear a ghost appears above the far sarcophagus and says, “Who disturbs the resting place of Grendal Harcourt? Answer quickly or die.”

At this time Fletcher steps forward, with his silver tongue and diplomatic skill and introduces himself, Bliss, and Neargrim and tells Grendal that we are here for information. Grendal then told us that Korvan had 12 disciples and that some of them where the members of his family. Any of his family members that fallowed after Korvan where left out of the Genealogy. He also said that Korvan would be interested in Raven because of his powers connections to the shadow realm. He also said that Raven is the only one that has a minuscule chance of hurting Korvan because he is the only one that has the closest to the proper type of power to hurt Korvan if he was still around because he should have died a long time ago. Grendal also said that he would help him if we brought him the Rod of Arathim which is owned, last he heard, by the house of De Moy.

Raven then asked if he could translate the Glyph book the group is carrying. Grendal said no but he knows of another ghost that might be able to. Bherik, who stayed out in the stairway because he did not want to interfere with the conversation by upsetting Grendal because he is a half-elf, whispered in, “I am getting a bad feeling about Grendal so be careful what books you show this spirit because some of them could be used to do bad things."



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