Deepwater's Restless Dead

The Research

After the fight with the Ghouls, Bherik is asked to head back to the Inn/ tavern to deal with a costumer complaint by Fletcher, the Inn owner. Fletcher offers to stay behind with the rest of the group and handle whatever is in the next room of the basement.

After dealing with the costumer situation (Tracking down a missing coin purse that is now empty due to a light fingered Halfling, Raven, who is nice enough to leave behind empty purses after lightening the burdens that they have to bear). The rest of the group shows up for food minus two people. Eyore is called away to another job somewhere else in the city. The group tells Bherik that they had to fight a Giant Demon Hand that bleed and Ahisma has decided to join the Harkan Hammerfast rabble to hunt nonliving creatures because of her beliefs about not hurting creatures that bleed.

After eating their meals the group heads out to Book Street to research Vrokor. They are joined once again by the ever tidy dwarf, Neargrim. They go to Bliss’s Book Emporium and meet a female Halfling proprietor who introduces herself as of course Bliss. She takes one look at Raven and tells him to keep his hands to himself. The book store is in disarray and that makes Neargrim very uncomfortable so he starts stacking the book piles into book stacks as the rest of the crew asks about History books predating the settlement becoming a city. Bliss points the band to a pile of books in the back of the store as she hands a dust rag to Neargrim.

The group heads over to the stack and starts to leaf through some of the books. Raven gets bored and starts to wander the ship examining the walls. The Girmidin finds a book with a time date just after humans and dwarfs started to settle the area but it is written in Elvish. Bherik reads elvish and scans the book for any mention of Vrokor and does not find anything and says so. At this time Bliss shouts out that she has also heard him called Korvan so Bherik sits back down to scan the book again. He discovers a section that mentions Korvan was an elf lord who attempted to drive of the human and Dwarf settlers.

Raven mentions that we should also research Necromancy because that is what Vrokor / Korvan was said to have studied. Bliss announces that there is a secret vault somewhere in the store but she cannot remember where or how to open it. Just as she finishes saying this Raven hits a switch and the vault opens up. Inside are four books one in common which turns out to be an early Human lineage record for the settlement. It states that the oldest Human family to settle in the area was the Harcourt family and that most of them where wizards. Another tomb in elvish but that is just gibberish to Bherik. He can identify a few words but not enough to understand what is written in the book. The other two books are written in languages that the group does not recognize. One of them is pictographs.

After hours of research and cleaning by Neargrim, he finds a book on the grooming habits of Lycanthropes and offers his services to Bliss. She says he can keep the book he has found and pays him some money but declines his offer and says that his work should last for 6 years. He then asks Bliss where he can buy some male Lycanthrope pee to impress a certain female werewolf. She tells him of a perfumer close by that can duplicate almost any sent.

The group then decides to head out and talk with some ghosts at the cemetery. Bliss says she has some things to take care of but if the group will wait she will join them. Raven decides to go to the fortune tellers, Medium Ophelia, house right across the street. She proceeds to read his fortune accurately and tells him something about going to the oldest crypt in the cemetery to receive answers that we seek. Girmidin enters the store and is gifted by Medium Ophelia with a book about runes. The group then convenes outside the shop with Bliss and head off to the cemetery.

When they arrive they have no idea where to start or who to talk to so Bliss suggest that the talk with a ghost fish monger named Molly Melown and begins to sing a song as she walks through the grave stones. Soon Molly appears pushing a cart full of ghost fish and asks if the group would like to make a purchase. Bliss offers to buy a bucket of muscles and asks her if she knows anything about Vrokor / Korvan. She relates information that the group already knows and then offers to sell the group some of her fish. Neargrim asks her how much for the whole cart and the party haggles with her and end up buying a ghost cart and ghost fish. Bliss asks if she knows how to read the pictograph book Molly says that she cannot but she knows a ghost that can and says that she will take the book to him to have it translated. Bliss does not want to let the book out of her possession so she asks Molly for the ghosts name and where he can be found. Molly tells her that the ghost will not talk to someone he does not know. Bliss then changes her appearance to look like Molly. The group is impressed by Bliss’s ability to do this and Molly says that it is pretty good but she will have to do something about her living smell and then gives bliss the ghost’s name.



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