Human Cleric


Ahisma seeks to do good works for the poor people in her home of Deepwater to repent for the life she must inevitably destroy to feed herself. She travels the city as a begger, and uses the meager coins she collects to provide clean, blessed water and sanctified soil for the communities too poor to purchase it from the money grubbing churches.

Ahisma translates roughly as to do no harm, which is this pacifist priests motto. She revers life in any form, and reviles the undead. The promise of a peaceful afterlife of unknowing oneness with the universe drives her and she sees necromancy and the undead as a grave threat to this eternal nirvana. While the undead have always occasioned the streets of Deepwater, especially in the City of the Dead, lately they have been more organized and have been appearing in mass numbers. Ahisma has found herself in the company of an unlikely group of tavern dwellers who have proven they can keep their wits in battle against undead armies, a rare skill even in Deepwater. She hopes to uncover the unholy source of the walking dead and end it for good before her time on this world is through.


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