Grindhel Harcourt

Ghost of one of the earliest members of the Harcourt family.


Grindhel Harcourt was a powerful wizard in the early days of Deepwater, and his family was among the first to settle the place. He was involved in the fight against Khorvan when he first declared himself as Vrokor and began trying to drive off the humans and dwarves that were beginning to settle the region.

Today, Grindhel is a sullen and bitter ghost that haunts the lower levels of the family tomb. He is angry that several of his younger family members were corrupted by Vrokor’s promises of power and abandoned their family and friends to fight for the Elven wizard; some of them even replacing those that were killed among Vrokor’s original twelve disciples. He holds that grudge still today, and as a result, he is largely unconcerned about the fate of the current generation of Harcourts. “The affairs of the mortal world have long since lost my interest…and my fool descendants have lost the Art and lost their way!”

He admits that it was difficult for the alliance of human and dwarven settlers to defeat Vrokor, even in their own time, “and that was when we had power!” Nonetheless, he is willing to help…if he is presented with the Rod of Arathem to buy his favor.

Grindhel smells a “taint” upon the halfling called Raven, and says that he would be of interest to one such as Vrokor, and might even hold the key to defeating him.

Grindhel Harcourt

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