City of the Dead

The City of the Dead

This massive graveyard holds the bodies of most of those who have perished over Deepwater’s long history, though it does not hold bodies alone. Restless spirits, angry ghouls, and vicious lycans are just some of the creatures that still prowl this place.

Notable Places

  • Harcourt Family Crypt – The final resting place for members of the Harcourt Family, this crypt descends many levels down under the earth, with each level housing older members of the family. Grindhel Harcourt, one of the oldest, is among the spirits that still haunt the place. Aeshwyn, Edric, Lacretia, Veda, and Wilmot Harcourt are conspicuously missing from it. Rumor has it that the crypt was recently sacked by brazen grave robbers who broke into the crypt and looted an entire level of its valuables!

Notable Figures

  • Molly Malone – The spirit of an old fishmonger’s daughter, Molly still wanders the City of the Dead, and sometimes the Streets of Deepwater itself, tracing her old paths through the city and still hawking her wares. She is considerably more animate, friendly to living creatures, and helpful than many of the other spirits that haunt the city.

City of the Dead

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