Harcourt Family


The Harcourts are one of the oldest and most influential families in Deepwater. It is said that a Harcourt was among the first humans to settle here when the lands were wild and the Elven Kings of old still ruled, and that many of their ancestors were powerful wizards. However, very little of the family’s true history is known, and they are loathe to share their secrets with outsiders.

Current Members

Stevan, the current head of the family, is extremely secretive and rarely seen at social gatherings.

Diana, Stevan’s wife, is the public face of the family, making appearances when appropriate. She is still relatively introverted, however, and only speaks of family matters when necessary.

Janelle, daughter of Stevan and Diana, is a shy, demure young woman with the beautiful dark red hair common among the women of the family. She is said to be a bit of a daydreamer or scatterbrain, often wandering off for lengthy periods, but never causing mischief.

Past Members

  • Grindhel Harcourt is a founding member the family whose ghost haunts the family tomb.

Aeshwyn, Edric, Lacretia, Veda, and Wilmot Harcourt are conspicuously missing from the family tomb.

Recent Events

It has been whispered around the town that the Harcourts were somehow involved in the skeleton assault, though no real evidence of this has surfaced.

Known Allies

Calleville Family

Known Enemies

House de Moy
House Mantel

Harcourt Family

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