House de Moy


The de Moy family is relatively young compared to the other noble houses of Deepwater. They can only trace their lineage back as far as Harold de Moy, a blacksmith who was elevated to the nobility when he married Jenna Harcourt, long after the fall of the Elven kings. The de Moys have always been looked down upon with great contempt by their elder cousins, and have become almost entirely estranged in the generations since, with the two families only tolerating one another in social situations when absolutely necessary.

Current Members

Harold VI, the sixth Harold de Moy born to the family since Harold the Smith.

Henrietta, wife of Harold VI, is a bubbly, chatty, entirely-too-friendly young lady with bright red hair and a heavily freckled complexion. She is quick to offer the basic courtesies, but lacks the grace and refinement of an older noble lady.

Known Allies

House Mantel

Known Enemies

Harcourt Family

Recent Events

A dock worker named Krieger was recently bragging on his cousin Barristan, a man-at-arms in the employ of Lord de Moy, in the crowded common room of the Sleeping Lion. “Barristan the Bold, they’ll call ’im! Felled a hundred of ‘em single-handed up in the North Ward, he did! Like to be Captain of his Lordship’s guard after this, he is!"

According to Krieger, Barristan says that the Harcourts and Callevilles were the cause of the invasion because they still practice the dark arts of their ancestors in the cellars and high towers of their houses when the moon is full.”

House de Moy

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