House Picard


The Picard family is very large and widespread throughout Deepwater. Inexplicably, most of the Picard bloodline is female, with a Picard male born only once a generation. Some say that they were cursed by a warlock to never bear sons, others say they were blessed by a witch to always bear daughters. In either case the Picards are the socialites of the city. They delight in gossip and lavish invite-only parties.


Penelope, the eldest matron, runs the family with a quick wit, sharp tongue, and clever schemes.


The Picard family’s ambition has always been to marry a daughter into each noble house every generation. Every house with a Picard woman contains a 1 foot tall solid gold statue of their founding ancester Pytheria Picard that is given as dowry with the bride. Greedy husbands who seek to cash the statuette in find themselves in an early grave under suspicious circumstances. The less attractive daughters that remain unwed tend to take their maternal family name, and the fortunes that accompany it, as do the elder widows. of the nobel houses, the Picards have one of the largest security staffs, partially because they havent the men to defend them, and partially because they can afford to.

House Picard

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