Slaven's Wererats


The wererats living in the sewers of Deepwater are divided into two Diametrically opposed factions. Those led by Slaven accept what they are, but despise the “untainted” who look down upon them, as well as any lycanthropes that associate with the humans, elves, and dwarves of Deepwater. Their hatred is especially strong for lycanthropes that try to hide their true forms and live among the surface dwellers.

Current Members

Slaven, a boisterous young wererat, is the leader of this faction. He is quick of temper, sharp of tongue, and does not hesitate to openly denigrate or attack any that do not share his views.

Braxen, a large and brutish werebear, is Slaven’s bodyguard and most loyal follower, though few that know of them are quite sure why. One of the strongest weres in the city, there are few who can stand before Braxen’s full fury.

Past Members

Jax, a minor lieutenant in the band, was recently killed by the party to protect Janelle.

Fang was a mutt of a werebeast most closely resembling a large dog. He was killed along with Jax and several others.

Recent Events

Some of Slaven’s rats, led by Jax and Fang, attacked and tried to kill Janelle Harcourt after chasing her into the sewers. They were killed by the PCs, who intervened on her behalf.

Known Allies

None at this time.

Known Enemies

Goddard’s Wererats

Slaven's Wererats

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